1976 Trans Am
This car came in for us to do the body & paint on it, to get it running, to work on the exhaust and suspension and for us to do a couple of interior things such as the headliner.
stripping the fender exposing a previous poor repair cutting out rust
Stripping the fender
Exposing a previous poor repair
Cutting out rust
rusty piece fender after it's stripped damage on front of hood
Some of the rust is out
The fender after it's stripped
Damage on the front edge of the hood
finding a previous repair damage on the hood near the windshield door frame damage needing repair
A previous repair exposed
Damage on the hood near the windshield
Ready to repair the door frame damage
all in primer more primed pieces car is in primer too
Parts in primer
The hood is in primer
The car tub is primed
the hood edge is fixed the old door skin the new door skin is on
This was the hood after repair
The old door skin
The new door skin
the fenders primed the fenders painted we painted the gas tank and under trunk area
The fenders before paint
The fenders after paint
We painted the gas tank and under it black
new aluminum differential cover was installed new exhaust & mufflers installed new headliner put in
A new aluminum differential cover
New exhaust & mufflers
A new headliner was installed
new fuel filter installed new fuel and brake lines were run new glove box and console door installed
We installed a new fuel filter
And new fuel & brake lines
The glove box & console doors were changed
new decals were applied all around just waiting for the nose emblem to come in Ready to go home-a side view of the transam
New decals were installed
Waiting for the front emblem
Ready to go home



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