1967 Beaumont SD
This 67 Beaumont SD came in for a paint job & new interior.
dash start of project bare metal
Rust in the dash area
The restoration has begun
Doing panel alignment
dash before work in primer trunk & hood
The dash area before restoration
In primer
The trunk lid & hood
detailing under the hood after paint rear view
Detailing under the hood
The car is painted
After a little buffing
grille restoration close up of grille tail panel trim
The grille needed restoration too
It's looking beautiful now
A look at the back panel of the car
the grille installed interior starting to be installed the interior is in
The restored grille installed
The interior is underway
The seats & carpet are now in
before the gauge bezel area is installed dash bezel after installation of the dash bezel
The dash before the bezel is installed
The restored dash bezel-looks great!
The dash is now complete
front passenger side view rear view front drivers side view
The car is ready to go
A last look at the rear
Ready to load
new rims & tires



Thanks for the updated

pictures with your new

rims & tires. They look

great on the car.

new rims & tires pic 2



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