1960 Corvette
This corvette came into us to have some minor bodywork done and to be painted. We did not work on the underneath of the car as the customer had done that before the car came to us. When it arrived it was mostly stripped of colour and only needed a bit more work in that department to get the car to fiberglass so we could begin priming and painting. We also installed some of the weather-stripping for the customer, but he is finishing the rest on his own. The classic colours on this car really make you think you want one too!
front of car hood trunk
The front of the car
The hood
The trunk area
convertible lid prepping for paint trunk closed
The convertible top well
Masking off for paint
The trunk with it's lid
the door front only front with black
The door with the cove painted white
The front painted
Black painted behind where bumper goes
rear view of corvette
front view
The rear view of the corvette painted
Leaving the shop
Getting ready to load



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