At this time we are having trouble receiving our emblems from the company who manufactures them for us in the USA due to worker shortages from covid. Both his manufacturing and warehousing departments lost a lot of staff during covid and he is trying to get back up and running with new staff. Please bear with us while we wait for a new shipment to arrive. We do have some items in stock so please give us a call to see if we

can help you. Thanks

Exclusive Reproduction Emblems
1966 Grille Spear $130.00 each 1967 Grille Spear $130.00 each 1968 Grille Spear $130.00 each 1966/67 Trunk Spear $140.00 each

1966 Grille Spear

Part # DM16

$149.50 each

1967 Grille Spear

Part # DM17

$149.50 each

1968 Grille Spear

Part # DM18

$149.50 each

1966/67 Trunk Spear

Part # DM15

$161.00 each

Sport Deluxe Sport Driver 69 Beaumont trunk lid emblem

1966 "Sport Deluxe" 1/4 Panel Emblem
2 Scripts "Sport" & "Deluxe" sold together

Part # DM86

$345 for 2 sets (enough to do 1 car)

1967 "Sport Deluxe" 1/4 Panel Emblem
2 Scripts "Sport" & "Deluxe" sold


Part # DM75

$230 for 2 sets (enough to do 1 car)

1969 Trunk Lid Emblem

Part # DM19

$92 each

V8 V8 66/67 Beaumont front fender emblem

1965/66 "V-8" Fender Emblem

Part # DM4

$115 for a pair

1967 "V-8" Fender Emblem

Part # DM2

$115 for a pair

1966/67 Front Fender Emblem

Part # DM20

$138 for a pair

glove box emblem Front Fender Louvers Panel SD Louvers

1966/67 SD Glove Box and Trunk Lid Emblem

Part # DM10

$172.50 for a pair or $86.25 each



1966 Front Fender Louvers

(Will also fit a 1966 Acadian Canso)

Part # AB011A*

$250 per set (20/car)

1967 1/4 Panel SD Louvers

Part # DM9

$345 per set (6/car)

We also carry the following emblems for Beaumonts:
Beaumont Grille Emblem Beaumont Tail Panel Letters

1968 "Beaumont" Grille Emblem

Part # DM14*

$74.75 each

1968 "Beaumont" Tail Panel Letters

Part # DMA*

$138 for set

Custom SD

1967*/68/69 Beaumont "Custom" Emblem
* if drilling new holes

Part # DM3*

$74.76 each

1968 "SD" Glove Box & Trunk Lid Emblem

Part # DM0*

$134.55 for a pair


1968 Beaumont Door Panel Emblem

(Can be used on other years if you wish)

Part # DM21C*

$55.00 for a pair

* not exclusive to us

Plus applicable taxes.

Prices subject to change without notice.



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