1966 Ford Galaxie

A new car has come into our shop for a complete restoration during the winter months.

So far we have installed the new engine, have completed the conversion to disc brakes and

have the car painted. Next up will be putting on the trim and installing the interior.

We're just getting started possible trouble area another problem area
Just getting started
Checking suspicious areas first
Taking a look here as well
a picture of the rear of the car a side shot bodywork in progress
Body work in progress
A nice shot of the side
Well on the way to primer
looking quite different already in primer in to get the motor out next
Already in primer
Looking quite different
Next up, removing the engine
the new motor a view of the brake master cylinder the engine is complete
The new engine is in
The new master cylinder had to be modified to fit
The new motor looks and sounds great
changing to disc brakes driving in the yard buffing the car after it's painted
Changed to a disc brake car
Removed doors for finishing work while engine was installed
Cutting and polishing the car after it was painted
frontal view a shot of the side rear view
A view of the front when finished
The car looks great
The view from the rear
the passenger side the view of the dash the finishing touch
What a nice color
A view of the restored dash area
Finishing touches
ready to go


This car

was finished in

time for the customer

to get some cruising in

during this season.

putting away for pick up
The job is done!
Being put away to await owner



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