1969 Camaro RS SS
This car came in for panel alignment, body work, paint and to have a vinyl top put on. We ended up putting all the glass in for the customer and the weather strip too.
bad fitting door gaps not correct again, not aligned properly
misaligned panels
the door is not quite fitting right
the driver's door is a little off
the door won't close there is a dent here another shot of the hood/fender/door area
the door won't close
a little repair needed here
another shot of the worst spot
off just a little hidden damage more of the same
this needs adjusting
a surprise under the spoiler
more hidden damage same area
primer is on the trunk area the painting has begun
we are in primer
the rear area
some parts are painted
the fenders are done the black is on before the stripe
the fenders are done
the black is on the body
before the stripe
the stripe and clear are on the hood waiting to get the vinyl roof on the vinyl roof is on
the stripe & clear on the hood
getting ready for the vinyl top
the top is on
getting ready for pick up our part is finished the rear of the car
turned out nice, didn't it?
waiting for pick up by owner
a nice view of the rear



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