1962 Biscayne
We did this project a few years ago. It was a big job, but fun to work on.
The original project car 1962 Biscayne project car An interior shot
Original picture of the car
The way it was
An interior picture
The empty engine compartment A shot inside the trunk The rear view.
In the engine compartment
A look in the trunk
A shot of the rear
A shot of the dash. Nice eh? The old floor Another shot of the floor
The dash area
Now we start: the floor after seat removal
Old floor must go
The car with no floor. The floor is gone in prepartion of the new floor going in.
The frame is off so the floor can be installed.
A frame shot
No floor from underneath
A different shot of the frame
Another shot of the frame.
A trunk without a floor Sizing up for the new trunk floor.
A shot looking at the rear of the frame
Before the trunk pan went in
Doing some measuring
The new trunk is in. The new floor is in. Another shot underneath
The new trunk pan is in
The trunk pan from underneath
A nice shot of the new floor
The floor is looking good. Now with the frame re-attached painted underneath
The floor pan from inside
Now with the frame re-attached
Painted underneath
newly painted front view newly painted rear view with new tail lights and emblem
Newly painted, front view
Newly painted, rear view
With new emblem and tail lights
Starting to prep the engine area. re-installing the engine another engine short
The engine compartment
Re-installing the engine
Moving along nicely
the engine is complete stainless steel exhaust new disc brakes
The engine is now complete
The stainless exhaust is installed
New disc brakes
the old and new tires & rims a nice shot of the front it's done, bring it around for inspection
Bleeding the new brake system
A nice shot of the grille
Time to load some stuff in the trunk-then home


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