Candid Mechanic Photos


Dale applying stripe kit
Dale working on a car to get it to a wedding
Dale working on a car on the hoist
Applying a stripe kit
Getting to the wedding on time
Exhaust repair
Dale working on El Camino
Darrell working in his shop
working on a problem together
Working on an El Camino
Doing some bodywork
Fixing the steering column
Setting the motor on the frame
55 Chevy
Test drive
Putting the motor on the frame
Checking out the paint job
Back from a test drive
working on the 55
Seeing what needs done
56 T-Bird
Working on the 55 Chevy
Seeing what needs done
Working on the top
finishing off under the hood of a Olds 442
checking things out
checking for problems
Finishing up under the hood
Checking things out
Checking for problem areas
moving the car to the back shop
holding the top in place while fitting
working on the chevelle
Moving the car
Holding the top in place
Bodywork on the Chevelle
Coffee, I mean Copper break!
Polishing the car
The engine for the 32 Ford
Can you say Repaint?
Installing new weather strip
Changing to a tilt column


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