1966 MGB-GT
This car came in for body work and paint and also to have the engine upgraded to higher horsepower so the car would be better on the highway. Our guys had a hard time getting in and out of the car and found it very weird to sit on the right hand side of the car to drive and shift with their left hand.
new and old motors the motor is in a wiring nightmare
an injection of v-6 chevy power
the motor is in
a wiring nightmare
the wiring is complete and the engine runs bodyworks done, now in primer primer
the wiring is complete, it runs
body work is done
the car in primer ready for paint
awaiting the hood a side rear shot paint's on
awaiting the hood
a shot of the rear
British racing green, what else?
insulation going in the insulating is complete the interior is back in
putting in some insulation
the insulating is all complete
the interior is back in
the front the end product the rear looks cool
the car looks great
complete and going home
lots of badging on the rear



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