1970 Z28 Camaro

This car came in for body and paint. As with all old cars, once we

started stripping the layers of previous paint jobs off, some rust

and previously poor repair jobs were found and corrected.

getting started, removing the paint 70 zed before shot 70 Camaro hood with hood pin holes
Starting to strip the car
Checking some other spots
The previous owner had hood pins
previous repair under the paint What happened here?
That doesn't look too good
Removing more layers
What happened here?
More discoveries patching the hood pin holes needing some major repair
Another trouble area
The hood pin holes have been eliminated
Major repair work needed here
repairs are underway the door area the bottom edge of the door
Repairs are well under way
Checking out the door sill area
The bottom of the door
ready for primer repairs are complete and primer is on it's not easy being green
All repairs are finished
The car is now in primer, prepping for paint
The original colour of the car
the stripes are on a look at the back of the car ready to go
Now with a latched hood
The stripes look good
Ready to head home



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