1969 Beaumont Convertible

This car came in to have the body done. We fixed some problem areas, aligned

body panels, stripped and painted it. We also re-assembled the exterior, putting on

the door handles, emblems, grille, lights, tail lights and any trim going on it.

69 Beaumont pic 1 69 Beaumont pic 2 69 Beaumont pic 3

The above pictures show how the car looked when it was delivered to us by the customer.

The marks down the side are where the side moulding was removed and this owner is not reapplying it so these holes all have to be fixed.

69 Beaumont body panel adjustment 69 Beaumont getting ready to start 69 Beaumont body work
A place that needs proper alignment,
Getting to work.
A shot of some of the work being done.
69 Beaumont body work shot 69 Beaumont more body work 69 Beaumont taping before painting
Body work.
More body work.
Some masking being done.
69 Beaumont re-assembly 1 69 Beaumont re-assembly 2 69 Beaumont re-assembly 3
Above are some re-assembly photos after the paint job.
69 Beaumont rear shot 69 Beaumont side shot 69 Beaumont rear shot 2
Three pictures of the car after paint and with all the exterior trim, lights etc on.
69 Beaumont front
Ready to go home, our part is done.



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