1967 Nova

This car came in for some bodywork, panel fitment and paint. The customer also had us

put the wheel well mouldings on before the car went home.

making the trim area correct on the back windshield now the proper fit the other side at the back window
Before and after pictures of the rear window trim fit.
Again, a bad fit
the other side fits good now too getting started on the body some gapping problems
Now the trim sits properly
Getting started
Some bad gapping
another shot of the gap problem inside the car the trunk area
What it looks like with the hood closed
A shot of the floor
Inside the trunk area
a work in progress we put the wheel well moulding on oooh, it's so shiny!
A work in progress
The wheel well mouldings are on
Ooooh, look at that shine!
ready to roll still needs the grille and bumpers turned out nice, the customer was happy
Ready to go home
Our part is done
It turned out really nice



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