1966 Biscayne
It started out we were only going to do the body and paint on this car, but we ended up doing the interior as well. The customer chose an original colour for the car and the blue on blue looks really stunning in our opinion.
the trunk before side and rear near the start of the project
A shot of the trunk before we began.
An overall shot, before.
We are about to begin.
a before shot the front clip removed a new quarter panel
A shot of the hood & fender area.
The front clip is off, the new quarter on.
A better shot of the new quarter panel.
an interior shot a shot of the dash area dash pic 2
Prepping for seat installation.
The dash area was restored.
We restored some lenses too.
installing the back seat the repainted kick panels the trunk
Installing the interior.
We even had to paint the kick panels.
The inside of the trunk.
an overall shot of the finished car the front completed the back of the car completed
A close up of the front.
A close up of the trunk area.



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