1965 Mustang
This car came in for some body work and a paint job. He had a carbon fiber hood which he wanted painted except for the scoop. That we just did in clear. He also had us put ghost stripes on it. Turned out pretty cool, actually!
1965 Mustang project repairing previously poorly done repairs making things straight
The car upon arrival
Fixing a previously poor repair
Making thing straight
some bodywork being done looks cool in this shot, eh? bodywork almost complete
Bodywork in progress
It looks cool in this shot, eh?
The bodywork on this part is just about done
finishing off the frame connectors another shot of the underneath
this car will be neat-it has a paxton super charger on it
Finishing off the frame connectors
Another shot of the underneath
This car is neat-it has a Paxton super charger
starting the blow ins prepping for stripes the body is painted
Starting the blow ins
The stripes are on, prepping for body color
The body is painted
the carbon fiber tunnel ram the stripes in the hood another shot of the ghost stripes
The carbon fiber hood scoop in clear
A shot of the hood, ready to go on
Can you see the ghost stripes?
a shot of the rear can you see the ghost flames in this shot? she's a beauty!
A shot from the rear
The finished product
She's a beauty!



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