1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe
This car came in for a complete restoration. While it's been a challenge to work on, we've come to enjoy the 32 and the bright yellow colour chosen by the customer is really nice.
32 ford inside of 32 ford before the rear view of the 32 ford before work
The arrival
The interior in the beginning
No fenders on the rear
the body is off the frame the frame a shot of the rear-end
The separation of body & frame
The frame
Showing the rear end better
the tub in bare metal the tub in primer with the rear fenders
The tub in bare metal
The tub in primer
Fitting the rear fenders
the start of building the engine a side shot of the engine roof panel
The beginning of the engine rebuild
A side shot of the engine
Fabricating the roof panel
roof panel from the outside bits and pieces working on the engine
The roof panel turned out good
Bits & Pieces
Assembling the engine
a side view the carbs a different view of the engine
More work to be done
Showing off the carbs
The tunnel ram is almost together
Wow! look at the height the engine on the frame the body tub is painted and sitting on the frame
Wow! That's tall!
Sitting on the frame
The tub is back on the frame
the trunk area and new rear fenders the new master cylinder the fuel cell is installed in the trunk
The trunk area
Part of the braking system
The fuel cell is installed
the dash after paint the dash in the car the rad has been installed
The dash after restoration
Looks good installed in the car
The rad is in now
the engine compartment is almost done the outside of the car is complete now to get started on the interior
The engine compartment
The outside is almost complete
Now to the interior
the sound deadener the door panel the new seat upholstery
The sound deadener has been installed
The fresh new look of the door panel
Wow! Look at the new interior!
going home


Our Customer is having tons of fun with his hot rod. He says it turns everyone's head and most give him a big smile and a thumbs up when they see it!

another view of the 32



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